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Sponge Jet – Clean, safe, low dust abrasive blasting

Sponge-Jet is the leading dry, low-dust abrasive blasting equipment for sale, enabling safer, more cost-effective and environment-friendly surface preparation. With Sponge-Jet, your capabilities will range from aggressive blasting on tough substrates to delicate stripping on sensitive assets. Its unique technology produces 5,500 times less dust than conventional grit blasting and allows you to recycle the sponge media up to 10 times.

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Press release

John Holland Awarded $186 Million Cape Lambert
Port B Wharf Extension Contract

Perth, 7 February, 2013: John Holland has been awarded a $186 million contract to deliver the Cape Lambert Port B – Wharf Extension project on behalf of Rio Tinto Iron Ore Expansion Projects.

The project will extend the wharf currently being constructed by John Holland to provide an additional two berths at Rio Tinto’s Cape Lambert Port B (as part of its announced expansion to 353 Mt annual capacity).

John Holland Group Managing Director, Glenn Palin, said the project will draw on John Holland’s industry-leading skills in marine construction and fabrication.

“We believe that John Holland’s strong track record in the successful delivery of major wharf projects in the resources sector would have been a major contributor to this award,” he said.

“In addition, the project team pulled together a smart modularisation, procurement and logistics solution by working closely with our colleagues at Leighton Asia. This offshore strategy, which reflects our broader focus on developing strong partnerships with organisations with complementary skills, will provide surety for our client on the timing for project delivery.”

Mr Palin said John Holland is also leading the way in environmental innovation in the area.

Sponge-Jet Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Sponge-Jet generates 98% less dust than conventional abrasive blasting equipment. Unlike other blasting methods, Sponge-Jet uses tiny sponge particles containing the aluminum oxide media. As the sponge particles hit the surface, they flatten and expose the substrate to the media, which cuts and removes the layer of paint, corrosion or contaminants. As the sponge particles bounce back, their porous bodies create suction that absorbs dust particles released into the air.

The result is cleaner, near-dustless blasting that:

  • Prevents dust from damaging other equipment, especially electronic systems
  • Enables other project workers to work nearby
  • Maintains operator visibility

Sponge-Jet has developed a wide range of composite abrasives that can be applied on the synthetic sponges. Whether you need aggressive abrasive blasting or delicate cleaning on sensitive substrates, you will find suitable media from our range. 

Rezitech offers various Portable Sponge-Jet Feed Units for various kinds of projects involving extreme environments, including aquatic surroundings. These are ideal for:

  • General Corrosion and Erosion Projects
  • Building Restoration and Masonry Cleaning
  • Production-Oriented Facilities
  • Maintenance Projects
  • Health and Safety Initiatives
  • Waterway Bridge and Aqueduct Maintenance

Sponge-Jet reduces the costs in almost every aspect of a project.

Reduced Disposal Costs – Sponge-Jet enables up to 98% waste reduction, which will require fewer resources for waste disposal.

Lower Labour Needs– It lets you finish more in less time, reducing the workforce needed on your project.

Increased Coating Life– The superior surface preparation results in a longer coating life than conventional grit blasting.

Increased Service Life of Assets – Sponge-Jet protects the substrates and prevents premature equipment wear-and-tear so that you can get the most out of your assets.

Increased Recycling – Sponge-Jet reclaims about 98% of media for re-use, making a world of difference in cost compared to traditional sandblasting techniques.

Because of its efficient surface preparation technology, Sponge-Jet reduces worker fatigue. Skilled technicians will quickly remove the most rigid contaminants with minimal effort, and they will also remove thin layers of paint, one by one, without over-stripping. Sponge-Jet allows for lower residual chloride levels, making the entire surface preparation process quicker and easier for your team.

The low-dust mechanism also protects workers from the harmful effects of airborne dust. 

Rezitech is proud to be the sole Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea distributor of Sponge-Jet, and we help professionals distribute meet stringent application requirements. 

If you’re interested in Sponge-Jet abrasive blasting equipment, our highly knowledgeable sales team will assist you. We will help you determine the right Sponge-Jet unit for your application.

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