Pump Rental

Rezitech carries a large fleet of pumps available for rental on a quarterly basis, or for long term rental… whichever suits your needs. We cater our rental program for the best outcome to the client.

Pump rental assists with minimising capital investment and inventory.

Pump rental reduces maintenance costs, as the pump remains under warranty during the rental term, as long as it is operated according to pump limits and our recommendations.

Under the rental agreement, Rezitech inspects the pump quarterly and is responsible for all repair costs to the pump as long as the pump is used according to recommendations.

Pump Rental pump

Nominal investment… phenomenal savings!

To find out how you can benefit from a Rezitech pump rental or our new Standby Program simply call us on 03 8720 8600 or contact us through the form on this page.

Exciting New Program Just Released

An insurance policy for our clients

“The Rezitech Pump Standby Rental Program”

Rezitech have just introduced this exciting new program involving placement of a “standby” pump at your plant for a nominal “insurance” type cost!

Because you will not be using the pump until it is required on the floor we are offering this new pump standby system for a steal so you can be covered in the case of an emergency breakdown.

A standby pump at your premise will mean:

  • Ensured reliability and availability for your plant;
  • Minimal downtime as a result of breakdown – no waiting for a replacement pump to be delivered, or waiting for repair of your pump;
  • A small investment for huge insurance;
  • Standard pump rental is only applicable after installation of the pump to duty at your plant;
  • We can repair your breakdown while the standby pump ensures uninterrupted operation.