Pump Efficiency Testing

Avoid costly breakdowns and manage your maintenance program through our Pump Efficiency Testing Service. Our expert technical team will conduct on site testing and analysis to ensure your vacuum pumps are running at maximum efficiency.

Being aware of your pumps’ condition allows you to manage maintenance programs and avoid costly breakdowns!

With over 30 years experience in service and repair of all makes of liquid ring vacuum pumps, Rezitech Services is an industry leader in this field.

Our fully equipped workshops in Melbourne and Townsville have a large range of parts available.

Our vacuum services include on-site efficiency testing, repairs, replacement parts, rental and service/exchange pumps, and sales of new Flowtech and Robuschi liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Rezitech pump testing
Rezitech man pump testing
Rezitech pump testing

Pump Efficiency Testing

Pumps are tested using the Orifice Plate Method.

The flow and vacuum generated during this process is used to plot an actual performance curve.

Comparing this curve to the manufacturers’ published curve gives a measure of the pump’s efficiency.

Are your pumps wasting too much power?

  • An important point to consider when testing pumps is that a poorly performing pump will be absorbing as much, if not more, power than a new pump, while adding little in the way of flow and vacuum.
  • The extra power consumed per annum will often exceed the cost of overhauling the pump at Rezitech’s workshop.

Rezitech pump testing graph

Example – Nash 904 P2

Flow:  Produces approx 6,400 CFM

Power:  Absorbs approx 216 kW

Operating Cost:  Based on running 24 hours/day, 5 days/week, 46 weeks per year, $0.0434/kWh.

= 216 x 24 x 5 x 46 x 0.0434

= $51,745.00 per year.

  • If pump testing at duty point (20”Hg) shows that the efficiency is only 54%, then the pump is wasting 46% of its absorbed power.
  • Payback period based on average repair cost would be just over one year.

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