Water based NanoPrep eliminates the necessity for expensive and time consuming surface preparation such as sand blasting with a simple, lower cost, low pressure power wash.

ReziSafe NanoPrep prepping
before NanoPrep
after NanoPrep

NanoPrep – Surface Preparation Technology

NanoPrep’s surface preparation technology allows industrial coating application in areas where it is difficult, cost prohibitive or impossible to perform surface preparation by abrasive grit blasting.

Upon application of the product to the substrate “Nanofusion” takes place enabling deep penetration into the rusted substrate creating a stable, high bond strength base to which non solvent based or low solvent content top coats can be applied. The adhesion of top coats such as International, Jotun, PPG, etc., to NanoPrep is outstanding.

There is no doubt that the best form of surface preparation is abrasive grit blasting which is usually a requirement if the coating manufacturers’ minimum adhesion values are to be achieved. However NanoPrep will typically achieve 70 to 80% of the coating manufacturers stated adhesion values for a fraction of the cost of conventional surface preparation techniques.

NanoPrep is a one component, waterborne, acrylic co-polymer composition that reacts and cross-links with rusted steel surfaces, clean steel, painted steel, aluminium, and/or galvanised steel surfaces creating superior anticorrosive properties. NanoPrep is non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and non-flammable. Can be applied to damp or dry surfaces as a primer or finish coat.


  • No blasting
  • No heavy protective gear
  • Chemically reacts for perfect adhesion & top performance
  • Quick drying saves time
  • No VOC’s
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Non flammable
  • Long shelf life
  • Primer for many top coats


Either two or three coats of NanoPrep will be required before applying your selected top coat. A vast number of top coats can be applied over NanoPrep including acrylic, water based steel protection paints, two pack epoxies, polyuria coatings and coatings containing no more than 16% solvent. NanoPrep is not suitable fo use with solvent based or silicon based paints.

Before applying NanoPrep the substrate should be washed to remove residual oils, salts and contamination. In extreme cases, a hot detergent wash may be required.

NanoPrep works at its best when applied to “tight rust”. To achieve a suitable substrate prior to application of NanoPrep, surface preparation by water blasting at 3500psi or mechanical preparation by wire brush is appropriate.

NanoPrep can be applied to a “damp” substrate but the substrate should not be wet as this will thin the product and reduce its effectiveness.

Thorough mixing of NanoPrep is essential. Mixing should be performed with a high torque drill at LOW SPEED. High speed mixing will create air bubbles in the product which must be removed by passing the product through a fine paint filter.

The first coat of NanoPrep is applied directly onto the substrate and you will see the product penetrate into “tight rust”. The Nano technology (particles less than one micron in size) work the product deep into the substrate, converting the iron oxide to iron phosphate and incorporating it into the high build primer. The initial coat of NanoPrep may appear somewhat “motley” and inconsistent in colour.

After approximately 2-3 hours (ambient temperature 20˚C), it is necessary to apply a second coat. The second coat is applied directly over the stabilised first coat. This coat should comprehensively cover the first coat and a very uniform, consistent in colour finish should be achieved.

If a high quality, uniform surface finish is not apparent a third coat may be required. The third coat is only required when heavy rust is present in the initial, untreated substrate.

Again, the NanoPrep is left to cure for two to three hours at 20˚C before apply your selected (non solvent based) steel protection coating.


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