2000 Series
Elastomeric Polymers

Belzona elastomeric polymers are high performance cold curing polyurethane systems designed for the repair, casting and coating of rubber components.

The resulting repairs are extremely durable, yet retain the elastic properties of the original material. These versatile materials can be used to repair and protect machinery and equipment subject to abrasion, cavitation, erosion, corrosion and impact.

The Belzona 2000 Series is designed for flexible repair and coating applications

Cold Applied


Abrasion Resistance

Extends service life

No Shrinkage

Permanent repair

Chemical Resistance

Withstands a wide range of chemicals

Impact Resistance

Minimal remedial repairs

Constant Immersion

Peace of mind


Seals around irregular contours

Electrical Insulator

Eliminates galvanic corrosion


Stands the test of time

Environmentally Friendly

Low VOCs


Moves in sympathy with the substrate

High Adhesion

Ensures long service life

Products and Systems Selector

Belzona 2111

(D&A Hi-Build Elastomer) Abrasion resistant rebuilding and bonding grade system

Belzona 2131

(D&A Fluid Elastomer) Abrasion resistant casting/coating grade system

Belzona 2211

(MP Hi-Build Elastomer) Multi-purpose rebuilding and bonding grade system

Belzona 2141

(ACR Fluid Elastomer) Cavitation resistant elastomericcoating

Belzona 2121

(D&A Hi-Coat Elastomer) Abrasion resistant coatinggrade system.

Belzona 2221

(MP Fluid Elastomer) Multi-purpose casting grade system.

Belzona 2311

(SR Elastomer) Rapid curing, emergency repair system.