Water and Wastewater

In processing sewerage to high quality potable water, water treatment plants are exposed to erosion-corrosion, chemical attack, and abrasion problems that result in increased operational costs.


Rezitech has provided products and services to the water and waste water industry for the last six decades.


Our Belzona materials are used in the repair, protection and efficiency improvement of fluid flow equipment including pumps, pipes and valves.

Many of our products are suitable for drinking water applications and have relevant approvals for use.

We have a long history of success of efficiency improvement on new or existing pumps with several Australian water authorities specifying that Belzona be applied to their new pumps. We have case histories where Belzona coatings have a proven service life in excess of twenty years.

When pipelines and tanks are subjected to internal or external erosion and corrosion or suffer leaks, we have emergency, temporary and permanent repair solutions. Our emergency solutions can be applied in wet or totally immersed conditions using proven products and application procedures.

If a permanent solution to external pipe corrosion is required, we utilise our Belzona Superwraps system which has a third party approved design life of up to 20 years.

Our Flowtech liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in methane extraction or aeration processes and offer years of trouble free operation. Our Australian made “Plasvac” vacuum pump is used in pump priming applications on many water industry installations throughout Australia and overseas.

Degradation of concrete or metals by Hydrogen Sulphide or other chemical attack can be readily repaired and protected in wet wells, aerators or on steel using specialised Belzona materials. Where concrete is subjected to abrasion, impact or spalling we have options that avoid the need to conduct major replacement works that also prevent the problem from reoccurring in future.

When performing surface cleaning or preparation works in confined spaces, Sponge Jet is an excellent alternative to conventional garnet blasting. The Sponge Jet low dust, recyclable surface preparation system is cleaner, safer process that reduces risk to nearby equipment and workers and is ideal for many water industry applications.

Our works are conducted either at your site using Rezitech staff, your staff or a combination of both or alternatively, performed at our well equipped workshops.

With Belzona and Sponge-Jet, we can provide a cost effective solution to such maintenance problems.

This is done by minimising downtime, labour, and equipment replacement costs, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of the plant and ensuring environmental compliance in:

  • Fluid handling equipment;
  • De-aerators, absorbers and process vessels;
  • Clarifiers;
  • Sludge de-watering;
  • Digesters;
  • Filtration;
  • Buildings and structures; and
  • Mechanical damage to general equipment.
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Explore the applications for water & waste

Lift Pump Stations

Rebuilding and protecting impellers and castings
Auger and trough erosion protection
Chutes and hoppers abrasion protection

Sedimentation Units

Concrete repair and protection
Sludge pump repair
Expansion joints

Aeration Units

Leaking pipes and nozzles
Eroded fans and blowers

Chemical Treatment

Tank Lining
Pump protection

Sludge Treatment

Sludge pumps
Dewatering units
Hopper abrasion protection

Methane System

Corrosion to scrubber vessel
Leaking gas and water piping
Erosion-corrosion in gas compressors

Fluid Handling Equipment

Maintain pump efficiency
Improve pump performance
Repair and protect leaking pipes
Flange face protection
Repair and protection of valves

Water Treatment

Deteriorated filters and strainers
Chemical containment areas

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