Because Belzona’s polymeric repairs are cost effective and offer longevity, dependability and flexibility not found with conventional repairs it continuously provides solutions for the sugar industry worldwide.

Rezitech has been providing products and services to the sugar industry for over five decades.

Our Belzona range is used extensively in sugar mills and many common applications are listed on this page.

If your injection water pumps are suffering erosion, corrosion or cavitation damage, we have the products to repair and protect this critical equipment.

During the “non crush” we can test your liquid ring vacuum pumps to ensure they are efficient and meeting the duty requirements on your evaporators and mud filters.

A vast variety of pumps can be repaired at our Townsville or Melbourne workshops.

Restoration of seal faces on juice heaters or mud filter heads, erosion resistant coatings for fugal basket bases and spiders, shaft rebuilding, mill cheeks can all be repaired in situ at your site. Erosion and corrosion damage repairs to tanks, pipes, chutes, ID fans are also common repairs conducted on site by your staff of specialised Rezitech personnel.

Applications where grit blasting is required can often lead to excessive dust, waste and damage to nearby equipment and potential risk to nearby workers.

Our Sponge Jet low dust, recyclable abrasive blasting and cleaning system eliminates or greatly reduces many risks associated with conventional grit blasting.

Whether it’s structural steel, milling equipment, fans, turbines, pipes, tanks, pans that need blasting, Sponge Jet is an excellent option.

Our Rezisafe range of environment and user friendly chemicals are well proven as suitable replacements for many of the hazardous substances that are typically used in the sugar industry. Our AcidSafe 80 regularly replaces dangerous products such as hydrochloric, phosphoric,  EDTA and caustic. Our VegeSol KB180 plant based degreaser is used to remove heavy greases such as blackjack instantaneously whilst being safe on workers and equipment and is environmentally friendly.

At Rezitech, we understand the sugar industry and are here to help when you need us.

Explore the applications for the sugar industry

Sugar Preparation/Milling

Sugar cane shredder (bearing housing)
Sugar cane shredder/crusher (base)
Pumps (washing, feed water)

Juice Extraction

Shaft between two settling tanks
Raw juice pumps
Raw sugar pump
Raw juice pumps casings
Pump shaft packing areas

Beet Processing

Stone catcher shaft
Conveyor belts
Concrete flumes
Beet pump outlet areas
Nonskid, positive-drive system over drive rollers
Beet wash pump casings
Impeller in beet wash pump
Beet handling pump
Sugar beet press shaft
Drum-type beet slicer
Disc-type beet slicer


Cossette output scroller
Cossettes conveyor belt system
Raw sugar pump
Impellers for raws sugar pump
Glass-lined valves
Cossette scalding (mingler) tank


Sugar juice pump
Lime pump
Sugar juice heater
Faceplate on end cover of rotary valve
Mud filter drum
Screw conveyor under mud filter drum
Vacuum pump
Rubber-lined lime pump
Carbonation tanks


Evaporator tube sheet
Raw juice pump
Protection against under lagging corrosion
Vacuum pumps’ rotors, cones, body, end covers


Centrifuge brake drum & housing
Centrifuge basket base bearing spokes
Centrifuge lining edge
Centrifuge hatch seal
Centrifuge concrete pit


Screw conveyor

Power Generation

Rubber-lined ash slurry pumps
Rubber-lined pump shaft
Bagacillo fan blades
Boiler exhaust fan blades
Siemens turbine casing
Main condenser’s cooling water pump

Water Treatment/Distribution

Clarifiers multiple
Beet wash water pumps
Settling pond agitator
Decanter screw conveyor
Water injection pump casing
Open-type pump impeller and suction bell

Chemical Production

Lime production units multiple

Chemical Containment

Bund areas
Storage tanks
Tank base sealing

Building Maintenance

Concrete repair and protection
Safety grip systems
Expansion joints

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