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Each stage of the paper making process involves machinery and equipment subject to harsh operating conditions. The abrasive and humid environments lead to some of the most difficult maintenance challenges of any industry.

Rezitech has assisted the Australian Pulp and Paper manage erosion, corrosion and chemical attack for over 50 years.

Our early years were spent working with mills in Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland dealing with mechanical damage to chipper discs, shafts, keyways and extensive reclamation, repair and refurbishment of liquid ring vacuum pumps and a vast variety of industry specific equipment.

As the industry evolved and paper recycling plants emerged, Rezitech were at the forefront of plant maintenance, working closely with our clients and developing solutions for worn equipment such as Hydropulpers, Combisorters, Turbo Separators, HD Cleaners, Sump pumps with works being performed at Rezitechs workshops or on site at the mill.

Utilising our Belzona range of products, extensive repairs have been performed on damaged and uneven concrete both in close proximity to paper machines and in paper reel storage facilities. These repairs are often conducted within short timeframes in conjunction with scheduled plant shutdowns.

Our vacuum pump repair services extend to on site efficiency testing, vacuum pump rental, pump service/exchange and supply of Flowtech liquid ring vacuum pumps. The pulp and paper industry has embraced and utilised our vacuum pump “package” for decades. Our repair services incorporating the use of the Belzona Ceramic Metals system restore pumps to no just as good as new but better than new, with service lives longer than new equipment.

Rezitech Pulp and Paper Belzona before & after 2

With a long history of outstanding service to the paper industry, Rezitech personnel are often engaged by plant operators to perform mechanical works during scheduled or unscheduled shut downs. Some examples are motor changeovers, gearbox changeovers, roller Changeovers, pump changeovers, coupling inspection/replacement, pully and belt inspections/replacements, shaft inspections/replacements, bearing inspections/replacements, various onsite fabrications works, installation works and a variety of general maintenance works.

Prepared by Sponge-Jet and protected by Belzona, the Size Press Bridge that works in an arduous environment has continued to remain in service year after year.

With Belzona’s ever increasing range of specialized products, they can offer a range of fast curing, surface tolerant and also abrasion resistant products for Industries such as Pulp and Paper that cannot simply shut down for long periods of time.

In recent years, our Rezisafe range of safe chemical preparation and cleaning products have been used to replace dangerous chemicals previously used. Whether it be pitch removal, calcium deposit removal or general cleaning of paper machines, we have environmentally responsible, user friendly alternatives that work!

Rezitech Pulp and Paper Belzona before & after 1

In areas where abrading and profiling is required for surface preparation our Sponge Jet blasting system is ideal due to it low dust nature and recyclable blast media capability. Where metallic substrates such as structural steel, cranes, support beams, vessels, ID fans and bearing housings require protective coating but cannot be prepared by abrasive blasting due the proximity to the paper machine, sensitive equipment, paper or board product or nearby workers, the NRX Nanoprime material is an ideal solution which requires minimal surface preparation and is compatible with a number of high specification water or epoxy based “top coat” materials.

Rezitech is proud of our long association with the paper industry and are ready to respond to the current and future challenges that the industry presents.

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Explore the applications for pulp & paper

Liquid Vacuum Pumps

Rotor refurbishment
Cone rebuilds
End cover reconditioning
Impeller and casing repairs
Shaft and housing rebuilds
Galvanic corrosion prevention
Chemical attack prevention

Centrifugal Pumps

Impeller rebuilds and protection
Housing rebuilds and protection
Stuffing box repair
Delivery tube protection


Anti-corrosion linings
Efficiency enhancing linings
Thinned wall repair and strengthening
Through wall repair

Transfer Rollers

Extra grip for increased efficiency
Repairs to worn shafts

Buildings and Structures

Concrete repair
Barrier coatings to protect from water ingress
Protection of steel from corrosion

Chemical Containment Areas

Floor and wall refurbishment
Chemical barrier coatings

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