Whether your plant generates power by nuclear, fossil, hydroelectric, geothermal, or renewable means, it is likely to experience routine, or unexpected maintenance challenges that result in increased operating costs.

The Australian power generation industry was the first major industry to fully embrace and benefit from the use of the “Belzona Ceramic Metals” system.

It was 1978 and a coal fired power station in NSW had identified severe erosion, corrosion damage to a large cooling water pump. Despite being in service for only 18 months, the pump had deteriorated so badly that replacement was the most likely solution.

Rezitech proposed that Belzona would not only repair the damaged pump but would also eliminate the corrosion damage problem and dramatically reduce the erosion issue. After significant investigation and research the client agreed to the Belzona solution.

After the extensive refurbishment, regular inspections of the pump were undertaken and a full assessment conducted at the next scheduled outage four years after installation. The pump had sustained minimal damage so was “touched up” and returned to service. Due to the outstanding performance and longevity of the Belzona product, cooling water pump outages were extended from 4 years to 6 years. The original pump, fully protected with Belzona is still in service today!

This outstanding success lead to many other power stations using Belzona to repair and protect their pumps.

In addition to cooling water pumps our Belzona systems and power industry specific expertise is utilised on Mechanical Air Extraction (Vacuum) pumps, fire pumps, butterfly and gate valves and lining of large diameter pipework. Other applications include encapsulation of asbestos cement pipelines with Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane), replacement of rubber lining in demineralised water vessels, abrasion protection of Riffle Boxes in pulverised fuel systems, restoration of worn shafts in coal pulverizers. The labyrinth sealing arrangement and the coal dust wears a deep groove into the pulverizer shaft. Once worn, this groove allows too much coal dust to leak through the seal area and also creates a high pitched squeal whilst working. Repaired before by welding the groove and then bringing in specialised onsite machining personnel was not only costly, but also meant a long downtime. Utilizing Sponge-Jet  to create a profile on the hardened steel shaft, then filling in the groove using Belzona 1311 Ceramic R Metal and finally application of two coats of Belzona 1391T. This is allowed to cure for a minimum of 12 hours, then gas heaters are set up to post cure the Belzona for several hours prior to reassembly and recommissioning

Our Sponge Jet, low dust, recyclable abrasive blasting/cleaning system has extensive application across the power industry. The system is ideal for blasting in confined spaces due to its low dust properties which provides a safer working environment and first class surface preparation.

An industry specific use of Sponge Jet is for the cleaning and preparation of turbines for non-destructive testing (NDT). We have multiple case histories, many of which were specified by the original equipment turbine manufacturers.

The power industry was instrumental to the success of Belzona in Australia many years ago and since then our range of services and experience has grown considerably. The Australian Power Industry has helped establish and maintain Rezitech’s business for the last 50 years. Let us help you.

Belzona 1212 used to suppress and stop live oil leaks on LV Transformer bushings. Belzona 1212, 1161 and 9341 Reinforcement Tape used to stop oil leaks on lubrication line joins, elbows and knuckle joints.

In Hydro Power Stations, Belzona 1341 used to protect main water turbines from erosion and corrosion. Belzona 4311 used in bund areas for Sulfuric Acid. B4311 will resist a 98% concentration of Sulphuric Acid. Repair and protection of concrete floors in battery room, repair and protection of bund areas subjected to 98% Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4).

Our expertise and experience extends to the Hydro power industry and more recently to wind power.

Hydro turbine runners are subjected to high velocity water and often suffer impingement of cavitation damage. The highly effective Belzona systems reinstate eroded areas and protect with a long lasting, hydrophobic coatings. Similarly, valves, draft tubes, guide vanes and cheek plates suffering from cavitation, bi metallic corrosion or mechanical damage are readily restored and protected.

Leading edges of wind turbine blades suffer significant erosion damage as normal part of their operation. Belzona has developed rebuilding and coating products to specifically address these issues.  Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) gas is an extremely potent and persistent greenhouse gas that is extensively used as an electrical insulator in electrical switchgear and transformers. Rezitech has Belzona solutions to permanently seal SF6 leaks and provide long term protection, eliminating this environmentally unacceptable problem

Explore the applications for the power industry

Fuel Handling Systems

Damaged conveyor belts
Eroded fans and blowers
Worn pipe bends, chutes and hoppers

Demineralisation Units

Corroded tank bases
Leaking containment areas
Damaged ion exchange vessel liners
Concrete repair and protection

Water and Steam Systems

Pipe repairs and flange reforming
Worn and leaking valves
Protection of wicket gates

Water Condensation Systems

Pump repair, protection and efficiency enhancement
Condenser repair and protection
Waterbox and condensate tank coating
Heat exchanger galvanic corrosion
Vacuum pump repairs

Cooling Towers

Eroded fans
Spalled concrete
Damaged expansion joints

Power Distribution

Transformer oil leak repairs
Flange repairs
Sulfur hexafluoride leaks

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