Mining & Quarrying

In the mining and quarrying industry raw materials, aggregates, and waste are transported and processed by heavy duty equipment.

Our economy relies heavily on mining and is Australia’s largest sector by share of national Gross Domestic Product. In 2020 mineral exports contributed 62% of Australia’s total export revenue, valued at $270 billion.

Rezitech has been providing emergency, temporary and permanent ‘fit for purpose’ industrial repair solutions to the mining industry for over 5 decades, utilising the Belzona range of high quality repair, protection and improvement composite materials.

Confined spaces present a challenging and often dangerous environment in which to perform repair works. Where high quality surface preparation or cleaning is required, Sponge Jet low dust, recyclable abrasive blasting system is a proven, safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional garnet blasting.

Cleaning, degreasing  and descaling of equipment often requires the use of hazardous chemicals which are difficult in terms of handling, use and disposal. Our Rezisafe range provides direct replacement, high performance, safe, environmentally friendly for chemicals such as Hydrochloric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Caustic, Kerosene and proven to be highly effective against calcium scale, “Black Jack” grease and many other problem deposits or residues.

As an Australian owned, private business with more than 50 years of experience, case histories and expertise in mining, we are willing and able to assist when you need us.

Common applications include:

  • Irregular shim to “bed in” liners on ball and sag mills.

  • “Cold welding” of metal or composite plates to thin walled of holed pipes, tanks, vessels.

  • Solutions for In Situ ‘Do Not Weld’ applications.

  • Industry Compliant Composite wrapping of pipelines with “Belzona Superwraps”.

  • Combating abrasion wear on Bulk Material handling equipment including chutes, hoppers, diverter valves.

  • Emergency repairs to wet, oil contaminated or immersed metallic plant and equipment.

  • Complete restoration, rebuild and protection of centrifugal, dewatering and slurry pumps.

  • In situ mechanical repairs to damaged shafts, keyways, splines, bearing housings without the need for machining.

  • Lining of process vessels suffering erosion and corrosion attack.

  • Repair of rubber Mining hoses and Conveyor Belts

  • Repair to concrete subjected to erosion, corrosion, spalling or impact damage.

  • Protection of chemical “bund” areas.

  • Testing, repair, replacement and supply of Flowtech liquid ring vacuum pumps for methane extraction or filtration/separation application.

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