Marine vessels routinely face varied and adverse operating conditions and the task of ensuring continued seaworthiness by keeping every component in working order is a true engineering challenge.

Rezitech, Belzona, Sponge- Jet and NRX Nanoprime provide many solutions for the marine industry.

From major marine classification society approved repairs on large ships, power or sail Superyachts, commercial vessels, ferries, military vessels, fishing vessels or pleasure craft, we can assist with emergency, temporary or permanent repair solutions to erosion, corrosion, electrolytic attack and accidental damage.

Common applications include

  • reforming of rudder pintle housings with specialised Belzona metallic polymers
  • repair and protection of jet tunnels on large catamarans
  • overboard exhaust and stub pipe lining to combat corrosion damage
  • cavitation damage repairs to propellers, bow thrusters, kort nozzles and rudders.
  • Repair and protection of stern tubes
  • Reforming or restoration and machine of corroded flanges
  • Elimination of bi metallic corrosion between components
  • “cold bonding” where welding is either difficult or impossible to perform.
  • Underwater or wet surface repair to hulls, fuel tanks, ballast tanks.
  • In situ worn shaft rebuilds
  • Chocking and shimming of engines, gearboxes, bearing housings, support brackets with Belzona classification society approved products.

Many marine applications require surface preparation by grit blasting which often poses problems with damage to nearby equipment, other vessels and personnel. In applications such as these or in confined spaces, our Sponge Jet low dust, recyclable blasting system is ideal.

Where is it not possible to perform blasting we have surface tolerant products that provide good adhesion to substrates with little surface preparation or will bond to  substrates that are wet, immersed or oil contaminated.

Marine coatings require a degree of surface preparation prior to application but often preparation by abrasive blasting is not practical. In these cases, NRX Nanoprime is an excellent option. NRX Nanoprime is a specialised  system that is applied to substrates prepared by water blasting and is compatible with a multitude of common, non solvent based top coats.

ReziSafe’s environmentally friendly ReziCAS chemical replacement range is used widely in the marine industry. From safe solvents to biodegradable degreasers, our ReziCAS range keeps people safe and the waterways clean.

Rezitech has over 50 years’ experience servicing the marine industry. When you need help, please contact us to draw on our extensive knowledge and experience.

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Explore the applications for the marine industry

Rudder Assemblies

Cavitation and corrosion protection
Reseating and bonding of bearings and pintle liners
Restoring pintle taper housings and protection from galvanic corrosion

Propulsion Units

Cavitation and corrosion protection for Kort nozzles and waterjets
Erosion corrosion protection for bowthrusters
Repair of sealing surfaces on CP Propellers
Cavitation erosion protection of A-frame brackets

Fluid Flow Equipment

Pump repairs
Valve repairs
Efficiency enhancing coatings
Heat exchanger tube sheet damage
Water box corrosion protection

Engines & Gearboxes

Cavitation repair and protection in engine blocks
O-ring seal housing restoration of liners
Cracked casing repairs
Noise and temperature reducing gearbox oil lubricants

Seals & Rubber Components

Repairs to bellows and expansion joints
Impact and abrasion resistance for fenders and hovercraft skirts
Hatchcover and door seals

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