Belzona coatings protect equipment immersed in chemical solutions operating at high temperatures.

Belzona high-temperature coatings are two-coat systems applied to the interior of piping, pipework, tanks, vessels, containers, or process equipment subject to direct contact and immersion in chemical solutions at operating temperatures above 90 C (194 F). These high-temperature resistant materials have been prequalified for a variety of industries to be a fit-for-service solution and integral part of
corrosion prevention and protection systems, when installed in strict accordance with Belzona best practices.

Typical Applications

  • Erosion/ corrosion protection for process vessels, separators, pumps, heat exchangers, and condensers operating under immersion
  • Epoxy pipelining for protection of girth welds on internal field joints
  • Repair of worn and damaged chutes and hoppers
  • Corrosion protection of scrubber units
  • High-temperature epoxy coating for separators, flare knock-out vessels, and evaporators operating under immersion

Key Benefits

  • No Hot Work
    Application and cure at ambient temperature – no hot work required
  • Excellent Adhesion
    Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces and high retention of adhesion at elevated temperatures
  • Corrosion Resistance
    Outstanding corrosion protection of high temperature equipment, suitable for continuous immersion in water and hydrocarbon mixtures up to 160°C (320°F)
  • Chemical Resistance
    Excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals including hydrocarbons and amines
  • Minimal Downtime
    Reduces downtime due to its innovative post-cure mechanism activated at service temperatures – no separate post-cure needed

High Temperature Coating Products

Belzona 1593

Coating for the protection of process equipment operating at elevated temperatures.

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Belzona 1523

Spray-applied protective coating for process equipment operating at elevated temperatures.

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Belzona 1511

(Super HT-Metal) Resurfacing and bonding composite for high temperature service.

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Belzona 1381

High temperature immersion coating.

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Belzona 1391S

Spray applied high temperature erosion/corrosion resistant coating.

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Belzona 1391T

High temperature erosion/corrosion resistant coating.

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Belzona 1392

(Ceramic HT2) High temperature erosion/corrosion.

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Belzona 1813

Lining for protection against abrasive attack at elevated temperatures.

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