Corroded fuel storage tank pipeline repaired using Belzona 1212 E Metal and Belzona SuperWrap II

Industry: Petrochemical
Application: Fuel Storage Tank Pipeline Repair
Products: Belzona SuperWrap II, Belzona 1212 E Metal, Belzona 9382 Consolidation Film
Customer Location: : NSW, Australia
Application Date: September 2023


A fuel transfer pipe connected to a fuel terminal storage tank was suffering from external corrosion resulting in a thin wall on the pipe.


Composite repair system, Belzona SuperWrap II was selected as the repair solution due to its strong track record in the restoration, and strengthening of weakened or holed metallic substrates.
Belzona 1212 E Metal was used to rebuild the corroded areas and pitted steel before wrapping the pipework with Belzona SWII 1982. Once the wrap was fitted, Belzona 9382 was used to consolidate the wrap whilst curing.
Pipeline to Storage Tank
Pipeline to Storage Tank
Completed Belzona Superwrap II Application
Completed Belzona Superwrap II Application
The Belzona SuperWrap II system is specially designed to facilitate the fast and simple, in-situ repair of through-wall and thin-wall defects on pipes and tank walls. It is a reliable alternative to welding and mitigates the need to replace defective metallic substrates, whilst providing superior strength, chemical and corrosion resistance.
The Rezitech Services Team conducted onsite repair work, providing a 10-year compliant repair solution.
Corroded area rebuilt with Belzona 1212 E Metal
Corroded Area Rebuilt with Belzona 1212 E Metal
Application of Belzona Superwrap II
Application of Belzona Superwrap II
Application of Belzona 9382 Consolidation Film
Application of Belzona 9382 Consolidation Film


The repair was completed in two days ensuring a quick turnaround and return to service.


The petrochemical industry is regularly faced with problems such as erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, wear, abrasion and mechanical damage which cause deterioration of infrastructure and equipment over time. Rather than replacing these assets, engineers and plant managers are using Belzona’s epoxy-based metal repair composites, high temperature coatings, and linings for reliable, long-lasting maintenance solutions.

Belzona SuperWrap II
Composite repair system, Belzona SuperWrap II, offers a new generation repair solution for restoring the strength of holed, weakened and corroded pipe and tank walls. It is comprised of a fluid-grade resin system, a bespoke hybrid reinforcement sheet, based on fibre glass and carbon fibre, as well as a release film to compact and consolidate the application..

Belzona 1212 E Metal
A 2-part surface-tolerant epoxy composite engineered specifically for in-situ application to wet, oil contaminated and underwater surfaces. This multi-purpose solvent-free material exhibits rapid cure and excellent adhesion to manually prepared substrates, where grit blasting cannot be achieved.

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