Belzona provides long-term chemical protection against substances at high temperatures.

Belzona offers a variety of metal repair composites and epoxy chemical protective coatings specifically created for chemical protection. Our high-strength epoxy concrete repair products quickly restore containment areas and damaged concrete while providing excellent chemical resistance, as well as compressive strength. Our chemical protective coatings will provide long-term chemical protection against a wide range of substances including acids and alkalis even at high temperatures. Due to the superior flexibility and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, Belzona products can bridge cracks without any damage to the coating’s integrity. The versatile chemical linings can be applied by brush or by spray equipment, further speeding up the application and reducing downtime.

Typical Applications

  • Repair floors and retaining walls
  • Rebuild pump and tank bases
  • Coat containment areas
  • Seal porous concrete and welds
  • Repair existing linings and coatings
  • Seal cracks
  • Seal and rebuild expansion joints
  • Rebuild corrosion pitting

Key Benefits

  • No Hot Work
    Application and cure at room temperature – no hot work involved
  • Excellent Adhesion
    Excellent bonding to almost any rigid surface including steel, aluminium, copper, brass and glass, reinforced plastics
  • Easy To Use
    Simple to mix and apply, no specialist tools required
  • Chemical Resistance
    Excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals such as sea water, salt, alkalis, alcohols and crude oil
  • Corrosion Resistance
    Outstanding corrosion resistance and adhesion to metallic and non-metallic surfaces

Chemical-resitant Repair Composite Products

Belzona 4151, Belzona 4181

Chemical Resistant Coatings Products

Belzona 1321

(Ceramic S-Metal) Erosion/corrosion resistant coating.

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Belzona 1331

Erosion-Corrosion resistant coating for immersed conditions.

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Belzona 1381

High temperature immersion coating.

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Belzona 1391T

High temperature erosion/corrosion resistant coating.

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Belzona 1392

(Ceramic HT2) High temperature erosion/corrosion.

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Belzona 1523

Spray-applied protective coating for process equipment operating at elevated temperatures.

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Belzona 1391S

Spray applied high temperature erosion/corrosion resistant coating.

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Belzona 1341

(Supermetalglide) Efficiency enhancement coating.

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