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Rezitech has been exclusively providing the Belzona® polymeric range of metal, rubber and concrete repair/protection products since 1972. Using Belzona®’s wide range of solutions, we help companies across Australia and Papua New Guinea address issues related to erosion, mechanical or impact damage, chemical attack, abrasion and environmental damage.

Our products and services have a wide range of applications across different industries, including buildings and structures, steel fabrication, water and wastewater management, petrochemical, oil and gas, mining, sugar and more. If you’re going to fix mission-critical equipment, you will need high-performance repair and maintenance products from Belzona®

Rezitech also supplies, installs, and services industrial products from other trusted brands like Flowtech, PlasVac, Robuschi, and Sponge-Jet. PlasVac and Robuschi manufacture quality vacuum pumps that need little to no maintenance. Sponge-Jet, on the other hand, lets you blast-clean substrates with minimal impact to the environment.

In recent years, our ReziSafe division has been established to bring high performing, safe and environmentally friendly products to our clients. This includes safe and environmentally friendly industrial chemicals as a replacement for toxic, hazardous and corrosive products currently being used. ReziSafe also supply NRX Nanoprime, a revolutionary waterbased, VOC free, single pack primer which uses nano technology as a safe surface preparation alternative for when grit blasting is not the preferred method.

Our customers rely on us because of our:

  • High-performing cost-efficient products
  • Good reputation in product and service quality
  • Technical knowledge and extensive field sales experience
  • Flexibility and quick response to circumstances

Read more about Rezitech’s range of industrial maintenance products and pump solutions and how these can help you.

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Use Belzona’s wide array of polymeric repair and maintenance products to protect your equipment from corrosion, abrasion, impact damage and weathering.


Get efficient blast cleaning and profiling for your equipment with Sponge-Jet. This medium is reusable and generates low dust, making it more eco-friendly than traditional blasting methods.

Vacuum Pumps

Rezitech offers a full range of Vacuum Pump products and services to our clients in a wide range of industries. From new pumps sales, rentals, repairs, pump systems and efficiency testing. Rezitech has all your vacuum pump requirements covered.


Make your operations even more environment-friendly with ReziSafe. Our patented technologies offer alternatives to modern toxic products like solvents, acids, and caustics.

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Industrial Solutions That Span Multiple Fields

Rezitech provides the best-performing industrial products, from industrial repair and maintenance coatings to eco-friendly chemicals. We’ve been exclusively distributing solutions from trusted brands like Belzona, Sponge-Jet and PlasVac for decades.

With our vast range of products and excellent relationships with manufacturers, we give our customers reliable and readily available solutions.

Here’s what they love about our products and services.

Low-maintenance equipment

We provide products from top international brands. Our Flowtech, PlasVac and Robuschi pumps are made to run with little to no maintenance.

Top-notch service crew

Rezitech Services’ vacuum pump repair and maintenance service, incorporates the use of the Belzona® range of products with an exclusive repair process. All of that, coupled with more than 35 years experience in the industry, and full engineering and machining facilities at our Hallam and Townsville workshops, means entrusting your maintenance and repairs with us a secure and reliable option.

Long-lasting relations, flexible service

We have over 50 years of beneficial relationships with industrial companies in Australia. Our team works closely with you to create maintenance solutions that perfectly fit your needs and budget.

Family-run enterprise

Rezitech is a family-run business, and we give our customers the same personalised treatment. We take care of your site and equipment like our own and ensure the best purchasing and service experience for you.

Because of these reasons, we’ve become a trusted business partner for companies across a variety of industries. We have years of experience working with various companies in different fields, so our team knows exactly what your business needs when it comes to repair, maintenance and pump technology.

What our clients think

We have been increasingly using Sponge-Jet media for the abrasive blasting and refurbishment of collection and holding tanks in Royal Australian Navy Ships for the past three years. A significant cost advantage is not having to set up a dust recovery system and not to have a totally encapsulated area. The only requirement is to have a simple extraction system from the tank to the atmosphere to minimise the insignificant dust levels that arise from the sponge jet blasting. From our data we achieve a rate of seven (7) M² per hour based on a typical paint thickness of 800μm DFT. Whilst achieving this rate, the operator is handling the vacuum hose to extract sponge to the recycler using ta team of three personnel per tank job. I.E. one blasting, one feeding the hopper and the third as the confined space sentry. Another significant advantage is that other trades can work in the near vicinity of the sponge jet blasting operation without having any safety concerns.

Bruno Favretti – FAVCOTE

Wind Turbine

What our clients think

As a prominent Shopping Centre in South East Queensland Region, I would like to confirm that I am extremely please with the performance of the Belzona products your company has utilised over the past few years when performing repairs throughout the premises. With all applications that have been applied, the outcome has been of high success and quality.
I can highly testify to the superior quality and outstanding results of the Belzona products within our centre, and the exceptional service performed by Rezitech when attending to our requests.

Rob Visser – South East Shopping Centre QLD

Sponge Jet