Environmental Barrier Polymers B

To Protect Against and Reduce Environmental Impact

Belzona environmental barrier polymers are liquid applied coating systems that offer long term protection against environmental attack.


Prevents water penetration


Seals around irregular contours

UV Resistant

Resists climatic variations

High Adhesion

Ensures long service life onto a variety of surfaces

Chemical Resistant

Withstands a wide range of chemicals

Environmentally Friendly

Low VOCs


Allows moisture to escape


Moves in sympathy with the substrate


Stands the test of time




Whether the requirement is to protect and upgrade appearance, waterproof and weatherproof whilst retaining the existing character of the structure or to reduce heat losses, Belzona environmental barrier polymers have gained universal worldwide acceptance.

Products and Systems Selector

Belzona 5111

(Ceramic Cladding) A two-pack, solvent based, chemical and abrasion resistant coating for buildings and structures.

Belzona 5131

(EG Cladding) Lightweight, weather resistant and thermal protection system for exterior and interior wall structures.

Belzona 5122

(Clear Cladding) Clear repellent treatment for protecting and retaining the natural  appearance of porous fabrics.

Belzona 5151

(Hi-Build Cladding) For aesthetic protection and decorative waterproofing of wall surfaces.