Environmental Barrier Polymers M

To Protect Against and Reduce Environmental Impact

Belzona environmental barrier polymers are high performance systems for the long term protection of machinery and equipment subject to abrasion, chemical and environmental attack.


Withstands industrial environments

No Shrinkage

Permanent Repair

Impact Resistance

Minimal remedial repairs

Abrasion Resistance

Extends service life

Chemical Resistance

Withstands a wide range of chemicals

Environmentally Friendly

Low VOCs

High Adhesion

Ensures long service life onto a variety of surfaces

Constant Immersion

Peace of mind


Stands the test of time

Cold Applied




Products and Systems Selector

Belzona 5811

(Immersion Grade) High performance protective coating for surfaces operating under immersion.

Belzona 5111

(Ceramic Cladding) Chemical and abrasion resistant coating.

Belzona 5831

(ST Barrier) Moisture tolerant protective barrier coating.

Belzona 6111

(Liquid Anode) Steel protection system for surfaces subject to environmental corrosion.

Belzona 5841

High performance coating for protection against corrosion under insulation.

Belzona 4311

(Magma CR1) Barrier coating for protection against chemical attack.

Belzona 5851

(HA Barrier) Heat activated corrosion resistant coating. 

Belzona 4341

(Magma CR4) High performance coating for protecting surfaces subject to acid attack.

Belzona 5891

(HT Immersion Grade) Protective coating for surfaces subject to hot aqueous and hydrocarbon immersion.