Metallic Polymers - Repair and Rebuild

For the Repair and Rebuilding of Metallic Components

Belzona metallic polymers are a range of high performance solutions for the repair and rebuilding of metallic components.

High Adhesion

Ensures long service life onto a variety of surfaces

Abrasion Resistance

Extends service life


Withstands industrial environments

No Shrinkage

Permanent repair

Chemical Resistance

Withstands a wide range of chemicals

Impact Resistance

Minimal remedial repairs

Surface Tolerant

Good adhesion to a variety of surfaces

Cold Applied


Potable Water

WRAS approved

Electrical Insulator

Eliminates galvanic corrosion


Stands the test of time

Environmentally Friendly

Low VOCs

These two component reactive systems can both repair damaged machinery and equipment and offer protection against erosion, corrosion, abrasion and other forms of mechanical damage.

The products consist of a metallic base and solidifier which are easily mixed and applied, resulting in a repair that can meet, and often exceed, the durability of the damaged substrate.

Products and Systems Selector

Belzona 1111

(Super Metal) Machinable, rebuilding, bonding and coating grade system.

Belzona 1251

(HA-Metal) Single component, heat-activated resurfacing grade system.

Belzona 1121

(Super XL Metal) Machinable, extended life rebuilding grade system.

Belzona 1311

(Ceramic R-Metal) Erosion/corrosion resistant resurfacing grade system.

Belzona 1131

(Bearing Metal) Machinable, self-lubricating rebuilding grade system.

Belzona 1511

(Super HT-Metal) Resurfacing and bonding composite for high temperature service.

Belzona 1141

(Conductive Metal) Electrically conductive, repair and bonding system.

Belzona 1821

Fluid Metal) Fluid system for creating positive grip surfaces and casting of components.

Belzona 1151

(Smoothing Metal) Semi paste grade rebuilding material.

Belzona 1831

(Super UW-Metal) Water and oil tolerant paste grade repair system.

Belzona 1211

E-Metal) Machinable, rapid curing, emergency repair system.

Belzona SuperWrap

ISO/ASME compliant composite repair system.

Belzona 1221

(Super E-Metal) Rapid curing, emergency repair system.