Safety Surfacing Polymers

For the Prevention of Slips and to Provide Positive Grip

Belzona safety surfacing polymers are liquid applied systems designed to offer a safer environment.


Withstands industrial environments


Improved safety

Impact Resistant

Minimal remedial repairs

High Adhesion

Ensures long service life onto a variety of surfaces

Chemical Resistant

Withstands a wide range of chemicals

Environmentally Friendly

Low VOCs


Stands the test of time

Cold Applied


With outstanding adhesion to most rigid substrates including concrete, metal, wood and floor tiles, they provide a durable anti–slip surface for both industrial and commercial facilities.

Products and Systems Selector

Belzona 1821

(Fluid Metal) A heavy duty anti-slip system for metal surfaces.

Belzona 4411

(Granogrip) An anti-slip system for porous or tiles substrates.

Belzona 4251

(E Magma Resin)Rapid curing safety grip system for steel, concrete, quarry tile and wood.

Belzona 5231

(SG Laminate) A high build textured chemical and slip resistant multi-substrate floor coating.