Magma Polymers

For the Repair and Protection of Concrete and Stonework

Belzona polymeric repair and protection systems offer high performance solutions for the rebuilding, resurfacing and protection of damaged concrete and stone.


Prevents water penetration


Seals around irregular contours


Withstands industrial environments

No Shrinkage

Permanent repair

Chemical Resistant

Withstands a wide range of chemicals

Impact Resistant

Minimal remedial repairs

Constant Immersion

Peace of mind

Cold Applied


These specially formulated mineral reinforced systems can also be used to combat vibration, abrasion and impact damage, and will protect against chemical attack.

Whether the substrate is concrete, stonework, tiles or tile grouting, there is a Belzona magma polymer system available for long term repair and protection.

Products and Systems Selector

Belzona 4111

(Magma-Quartz) For high performance repairs, rebuilding and resurfacing building fabrics such as concrete and stone.

Belzona 4231

(E Magma-Quartz) For rapid repairs to concrete and floor substrates.

Belzona 4131

(Magma-Screed) High performance, cost effective screeding system for extensive floor areas.

Belzona 4301

(Magma CR1 Hi-Build) For rebuilding and profiling surfaces suffering chemical attack.

Belzona 4141

(Magma-Build) Lightweight repair material for rebuilding vertical or overhead substrates, without the need of shuttering.

Belzona 4311

(Magma CR1) Barrier coating for protection against a wide range of aggressive chemicals.

Belzona 4151

(Magma-Quartz Resins) A chemical resistant sealer for Magma-Quartz, Magma Screed and concrete substrates.

Belzona 4331

(Magma CR3) Solvent and organic acid resistant barrier coating.

Belzona 4181

(AHR Magma-Quartz) High temperature and inorganic acid resistant concrete repair system.

Belzona 4341

(Magma CR4) High temperature inorganic acid resistant coating system.

Belzona 4521

(Magma Flex Fluid) A fluid grade elastomer for horizontal expansion joints.