Polymeric Membranes

For Weatherproofing Buildings, Structures and Insulation

Belzona liquid applied polymeric membrane systems have been offering unrivalled water and weatherproofing for all types of roofing substrates, complex architectural design and insulation since 1965.



Prevents water penetration


Seals around irregular contours


Withstands industrial environments

Surface Tolerant

Good adhesion to a variety of surfaces


Moves in sympathy with the substrate


Allows moisture to escape

High adhesion
Ensures long service life  onto a variety of surfaces 

Environmentally Friendly

Low VOCs


STands the test of time

UV Resistant

Resists climatic variations

Cold Applied



Whether it be emergency repairs, long term protection, sealing problem areas or complete roof coverage, Belzona polymeric membranes provide the answer.

Independently assessed since 1979 as a long term roof repair and protection membrane system for all types of roof substrate.

Products and Systems Selector

Belzona 3111

(Flexible Membrane) Problem areas.

Full roof coverage.

 Belzona 3121

(MR7) Emergency repairs. 

 Belzona 3131

(WG Membrane) Weather tolerant emergency repairs.

Full roof coverage.

 Belzona 3211

(Lagseal) Waterproofing and fire protection of thermal insulation.